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全国免费热线: 400-0011-1159



含油气显示oil/gas shows

根据测井解释according to the well logging interpretation

泥浆录井解释the mud logging interpretation

物性、产能和地层参数to determine the physical property,productivity and formation parameters

确定含油气性能to determine the hydrocarbon-bearing property

高产工业油气流high-yield industrial hydrocarbon flow

根据试油情况确定完井投产方案 determine the well completion and production plan dependingon the well testing result.

试油地质设计要求according to the geologic design for welltesting

按标准取全取准各项地质资料数据To acquire full and accurate geologic data

落实地层参数、产能及流体性质focusing on identifying formation parameters productivity and fluid properties

资料录取the acquisition of data

按Q/SL0798-2000《试油井原始资料录取要求》标准执行in accordance with Q/SL0798-2000 Requirements for Acquisition of Original Data from Tested Wells.

?试油方案Well testing program

由于火工器材所限Limited by the initiating explosive devices

设计采用电缆输送射孔,下MFE地层测试工具it is designed to adopt wireline conveyed perforating. RIH MFE formation test tools for well testing

进行试油测试及常规抽汲排液、求产conventional swabbing displacement and production

试油层位较浅As the formation to be tested is relatively shallow

流动压差不是太大the flowing pressure differential is not very high

确定不加测试液垫it is decided not to pump testing liquid cushion

更有利于取得地层流体物性参数which is in favor of determining the physical property parameters of the formation fluid

低渗、低产层low permeability and low yield formations

尽可能采用抽汲等人工排液工艺Try the best to apply artificial displacement process such as swabbing

增加地层产液量to increase fluid production

有助于取得准确的地层液性和产能which is in favor of acquiring formation fluid property and productivity accurately


按日费基数计算价格The prices will be calculated based on daily rate

下井器材由甲方购买the downhole apparatus shall be purchased by Company

第1层:施工准备→装井口及防喷器→通井→替泥浆→试压→刮管、洗井、替防膨液→电缆输送射孔→下测试仪测试→测试→洗井→起测试管柱。1st Layer: Operation preparation →wellhead and BOP installation→ wiper trip → drilling fluid displacement → pressure test →pipe scraping, well flushing,anti-swelling agent displacement → wireline-conveyed perforating → running testing instrument → testing→ well flushing→ pulling out testing string.

第2层:打桥塞→填砂→替防膨液→电缆输送射孔→下测试仪测试→测试→洗井→起测试管柱→冲砂→捞桥塞2nd Layer: pumping bridge plug →sand filling→ anti-swelling agent displacement →wireline-conveyed perforating → running testing instrument → well flushing→ pulling out testing string →sand washing →fishing bridge plug

第3层:替防膨液→电缆输送射孔→下螺杆泵→排液、求产→完井3rd Layer: anti-swelling agent displacement→ wireline-conveyed perforating →running screw pump →displacing the fluid and producing→ well completion.